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Because good health is the basis for almost everything that we do in life, having the guidance and care of doctors and other medical professionals we can trust is essential. We put our lives in their hands and expect them to honor our trust and do what is right. Many doctors are committed professionals who always strive to give every patient the full benefit of a well-honed and constantly growing body of skill and knowledge.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Unfortunately, there are others—doctors who rush through an examination, tell patients what they want to hear, blow off their concerns, fail to keep up with the latest in medicine. And there some between the two extremes—doctors who are basically good, but sometimes lose focus and fall down on the job. But doctors are responsible for human lives and can’t afford to lose their edge. The stakes are just too high. When doctors fail to give their best, people can suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Holding Medical Professionals to a High Standard

Practicing medicine is an enormous responsibility, and doctors need to be held to a high standard. At Abronson Law Offices, we help people who have been harmed when doctors fail to deliver the standard of care we have the right to expect. As medical malpractice attorneys, we help patients and their families whose doctors have violated their trust.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Not every medical procedure or treatment turns out the way we’d like. People get sick and people die, in spite of the skills and knowledge and even the heroic efforts of the best doctors. Not every illness can be cured and not every patient can be saved. Does an unfortunate outcome mean there’s been malpractice? Definitely not. Sometimes doctors do everything right, but the patient can’t be cured. So how do we know when there has been malpractice?

Medical professionals can be expected to deliver the standard of care that would be expected of any competent doctor in the same practice area. In other words, if the medical professional or institution has done everything according to standards agreed upon by members of the medical community in the same specialty, there has been no malpractice.

The Numbers

Most people will find this figure shocking, and with good reason: In the United States, every year, approximately 100,000 people die from medical errors. Compare that to the number who die in car crashes: 32,885 in 2010. That’s right—the number of people who die because a doctor did something wrong is triple the number who die in car accidents!

Medical malpractice can mean a medical professional actively did something to harm a patient or failed to do something a competent doctor would have done. A few examples are

  • Misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose an illness
  • Failing to take a complete medical history
  • Giving incorrect medication
  • Misusing medical equipment
  • Making lab errors
  • Doing surgery on the wrong site
  • Leaving surgical materials in the body
  • Failing to monitor a surgical patient or mother and baby during labor

Getting Help

If you think you or a family member has been a victim of malpractice the attorneys at Abronson Law in Los Gatos can help. We understand the complexities of malpractice cases and have the experience, resources and experts to prove them. A consultation is free, and you pay us no attorneys fees unless we win.

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