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In April 2013, renowned college basketball player, Kevin Ware, suffered a debilitating bone break that sent a shudder through the collective body of athletes around the world.

The incident, which is being termed by several outlets as a “freak accident”, occurred during an NCAA regional championship game where Ware’s University of Louisville took on the basketball team of Duke University. Ware jumped up to block the three point shot of an opponent, and when he landed, his shin bone shattered, breaking in half.

The injury was so severe, that the fractured bone punctured his skin and was clearly visible – much to the dismay of the millions of Americans watching the game. Ware required a two hour surgery to set the injury on the road to healing, with a rod inserted into the bone to help support it. There is much speculation on how a twenty year old, professionally trained athlete could sustain an injury so severe it is only typically seen in automobile accidents or falls from heights.

Some experts speculate that Ware may have simply been unlucky and landed the wrong way, placing undue strain on his bone. Others say he may have previously had a slight stress fracture in the bone that gave way to a complete break when he landed on it during the game.

While Ware’s bone shattering injury is not the norm in the realm of sports, stress fractures are among the most common bone injuries seen from the athletic powerhouses who place an inordinate amount of pressure on their entire bodies, especially their muscles, tendons, and bones. When these injuries occur, they can range from small fractures to those which get worse with re-injury and continued pressure.

The danger for athletes and their careers from stress fractures is disconcerting for many involved in their lives. The parents of some college athletes worry about whether or not the school will continue to pay the medical expenses for their children when they are injured in this way. The concerns have opened up debates over ensuring the health, including bone density, of players before allowing them to compete.

Three Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Bones:

  1. Take vitamins and eat foods rich in calciumTake vitamin D which helps your body absorb calcium. Foods that are rich in vitamin D  are egg yolks, orange juice, dry cereals (check the nutrition box), fish – salmon, mackerel and sardines, and of course sunshine on your beautiful body (20 minutes is all you need). Nondairy foods rich in calcium include; almonds, Brazilian nuts, figs, dried apricots, dark green vegetables, broccoli, okra, Soybeans, white beans, curly kale, chard, spinach, collard greens, and mustard greens, watercress, Dairy foods rich in calcium include: eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt,
  2. Manage foods that block calcium absorption Foods high in fiber and high in phosphorus like coffee, soft drinks (used to improve the flavor), dried beans, peanut butter and whole grains tend to be calcium blockers.
  3. Exercise with weightsUsing light weights while exercising will help strengthen your bones and gives them a boost while building up your muscles and strengthening both your joints and ligaments. Regular exercise also helps improve your physical coordination and balance which helps reduce your chances of breaking a bone.

Fractures and bone injuries occur in sports on a regular basis and require lengthy recovery times afterward. We hope athletes like Kevin Ware and others who suffer bone fractures in sports are able to recover 100% and compete once again.

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