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San Jose Broken Bone Injury Lawyer

At the Abronson Law Offices, we often see clients who have broken bones in accidents. Bone fractures occur when an impact against a bone is too strong for the bone to withstand, and it breaks.

Poor driving , negligent premises maintenance, or lack of safety procedures on a work site are among the most common causes of broken bones in various accident types: car and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents; bike and pedestrian accidents; trip, slip, and fall accidents; and construction accidents. When the broken bone is caused by someone else’s negligence, the injured person can make a claim to recover money to compensate for damages from the injury.

Terms that Describe Fractures

  • Displaced fracture: a bone broken into two or more pieces and separates with the two ends out of alignment
  •  Comminuted fracture: a displaced fracture  with multiple  bone fragments
  •  Non-displaced fracture: the bone is cracked, but the pieces do not separate
  • Closed fracture: the fractured bone remains entirely under the skin
  •  Open fracture: the fractured bone sticks out through the skin—an infection risk
  • Transverse fracture: a fracture where the bone breaks at a 90 degree angle to its axis
  • Oblique fracture: a break with a curve or slope
  • Impacted fracture (also called buckle fracture): a fracture in which the ends are driven into each other; more common in children
  •  Greenstick fracture: a partial fracture in which the bone is bent

The Fractures We See Most Often

  • Almost half of all fractures in adults are broken arms.
  • Collarbone fractures (broken collarbone) are especially common in car, bike, motorcycle, and and pedestrian accidents.
  • Broken ankles come from a foot being twisted or extended in an awkward position in a fall or when the person is hit by a car.
  • Broken feet and toes make up about one in every ten fractures.
  • Fractures of one or more of the 72 bones hand and finger bones are among the more disabling fractures.
  • A broken leg is a fracture of the fibula, femur, tibia, or patella. We see these frequently in pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, motor vehicle accidents, or falls.
  • A broken nose can occur in many types of accident and can cause breathing problems, as well as affecting facial symmetry.
  • A broken jaw is often caused by direct impact to the face in a pedestrian, motor vehicle, or bicycle accident, or in a fall.

Possible Complications of Broken Bones

The severity of a fracture depends on where the break is located and how much damage is done to the bone, soft tissue, and nerves around it. Broken bones can cause dangerous complications, especially when nerves or blood vessels are damaged or when infection sets in.

Healing Time

The patient’s health, age, and the type of fracture will all go into determining how long a broken bone takes to heal. In a child, a simple break often heals in just a few weeks. In an older person, a serious break sometimes takes months to heal.

Broken Bone Injury Lawyers

When you’ve broken a bone because of another person’s negligence, the Abronson Law Firm in San Jose and Los Gatos can help you recover monetary compensation. Our seasoned personal injury lawyers have recovered in hundreds of cases for our clients’ medical and physical therapy costs, lost earnings, pain, suffering, stress, inconvenience, and more.

We cover Santa Clara County and the Bay Area and take cases on a contingency fee basis. You only pay if we win.

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