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Fractured Limb Injury Lawyer San Jose

When you fracture, or break a limb, it can be extremely serious and sometimes even life-threatening. Fractured limb accidents result in various levels of immobility that may hinder you from working, driving, and performing basic household tasks. Car accidents, motorcycle crashes, slip and fall accidents, and many others can result in a broken leg or arm. The cause of these accidents is often negligence of another driver, property owner, or site manager, in the form of improper premises maintenance, bad construction practices, or careless driving.

If you have been affected by a fractured limb injury in California, we invite you to contact the Abronson Law Offices office for a personal consultation. We are dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyers who have a proven track record of winning compensation for our clients with fractured limb injuries.

Typical Causes of Broken Limb Injuries

  • -Motor vehicle accidents: These include accidents involving a car, motorcycle, bus, or truck, or a bicycle or pedestrian collision with a motor vehicle.
  • Slips, trips, and falls: Tripping or slipping and falling can fracture any bone in your body. Older people are especially at risk of broken limbs in slip, trip, and fall accidents occur because their bones are more brittle and heal more slowly.
  • -Work-related injuries: Breaks often result from falls from high places, for example when scaffolding collapses. Construction sites are notorious locations of work-related limb fractures.
  • Sports-related injuries: School-age athletes are sometimes trained too aggressively, causing them to suffer broken bones and other injuries.

Evidence of Fractured Limbs

When you have had a limb broken, it could be clear what has happened. Sometime you hear the bone snap, or you can see where the bone is sticking out through the skin. Not all breaks are so obvious, however, and must be diagnosed by an x-ray.

Some accidents resulting in fractured femurs or thighbones (the largest bones in your body) can even be life-threatening. Shock, blood loss, and infection are possible serious complications of fractures. If you have injured an arm or leg you should seek medical attention immediately, especially if you have experienced any of these symptoms:

  • -Severe pain that gets worse with movement
  • -Bruising, tenderness, and swelling in affected areas
  • -Leg deformity
  • -Limited use of the leg when walking or standing


Most leg and arm injuries result in at least a short period of immobilization after the accident occurs. More serious limb fractures will require surgery, and sometimes more than one.

Fractured limb treatments often include:

  • -Immobilization with a cast
  • -Surgical realignment of broken bones
  • -Anti-inflammatory medication, either steroidal or non-steroidal (NSAIDS)
  • -Rehabilitation

Getting the Help You Need

Both arm and leg limb fractures can cause extensive complications in your daily work, social, and personal life. The severity of your accident, your age, and your general health will determine the overall length of time to heal.

Call the Abronson Law Offices today for a free personal consultation. We are located in Los Gatos, California, and serve Santa Clara County and the Bay Area.

We accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee arrangement, so you never have to worry about the expense of hiring a top lawyer to represent you. We are only paid if we win money for you.

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