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In 2010, 32,885 people died in car accidents nationwide. Although the number of traffic fatalities is the lowest since 1949, this is still a huge number and a terrible loss of life. In addition, 2,239,000 people were injured in traffic accidents. Injuries ranged from painful soft tissue injuries to life-changing catastrophic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries—injuries for which the victim will require a lifetime of care.

If you’ve been injured or lost a family member in a car accident caused by another party, you are entitled to make a claim for damages, including medical expenses, lost earnings and future earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability and disfigurement, emotional anguish, and more. In the case of a fatality, you can bring a wrongful death action to recover losses your family suffered because of the death.

Holding Bad Drivers Accountable

At Abronson Law Offices, we recognize that obtaining compensation for the harm done by negligent driving is critically important to the victim. Many car accident victims lose their health, their employment, and/or the ability to enjoy the activities that make life worth living. For some, life will never be the same. The best we can do is see that accident victims recover an amount of money that will allow them to get the medical care they need, have an income if their injuries prevent them from working, and receive some kind of compensation for the intangible losses in quality of life. We take very seriously our commitment to help people pick up the pieces of their lives after an accident.

Accident Victims Need an Experienced Lawyer

If you’re one of the unfortunate people who have been hurt in a car accident, you probably have many questions about the legal process. You may be hearing conflicting messages. Usually an adjuster from the at-fault driver’s insurance company will contact you soon after the accident and try to get a recorded statement and some signed medical authorizations, promising to take good care of you and suggesting that there is no need to retain a lawyer.

Keep in mind that the adjuster is an employee of a profit-driven corporation, whose job it is to pay the least possible amount on any claim. Insurance companies don’t want you to have a lawyer on your side because research has shown that those with experienced legal representation realize significantly better outcomes, meaning the insurer ends up paying more.

When you’ve been involved in an accident in Santa Clara County or anywhere in the Bay area, call Abronson Law in Los Gatos for a free consultation. Every accident has its own unique set of circumstances and associated losses. Tell us about yours.

You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Have the Best Representation

Many people are concerned about the cost of hiring a top lawyer with extensive knowledge and skill in personal injury or wrongful death cases. Here’s our promise to you: When you come to Abronson Law for help, you’ll never have to pay attorney’s fees out of pocket. We accept cases on a contingency arrangement, so our fees come from the settlement or verdict. In the unlikely event that there is no recovery, you pay no attorneys fees. Everyone, regardless of financial means, can get the very best legal representation at Abronson Law.

Call today to schedule your appointment for an evaluation of your car accident case. If your injuries prevent you from coming to us, we’ll come to you.

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