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Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs you can have. According to the Bureau of Labor, there are about 150,000 accidents related to construction sites every year. These accidents often result in extremely serious and traumatic injuries. Most involve people’s backs, spines, and trunks, and can lead to long-term and sometimes permanent damage. On average, 1,000 construction workers die every year because of improper safety precautions.

If you have been injured because of a construction mishap caused by a lapse in safety procedures or third party negligence, whether you were working at the site or passing by, the accident attorneys at the Abronson Law Offices can provide the necessary experience and resources to maximize your chance of receiving the compensation you need. With severe injuries, you might not be able to work for extended periods of time, you might lose your job, and you will have expensive medical bills to pay.

Worker’s Compensation in California usually only covers medical costs and certain financial losses, but not your non-economic damages, such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and so forth. Even if you already have a Worker’s Comp case, contact Abronson Law Offices and we can try to identify third party claims that could entitle you to file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain a full and adequate recovery. We will be able to show you all of your options and help you understand them, so you can decide how you want to proceed.


When you are on a construction site you may assume that all safety precautions have been taken into account. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. Accidents ranging from small cuts to serious injuries and death are often a result of various parties at the site failing to follow necessary safety procedures. It is the responsibility of construction site managers and owners to post warning signs and to make sure that work is done in the safest way possible. When signs are not posted and accidents occur, it is likely that you will be able to receive compensation for your injuries with the help of our personal injury attorneys.

Causes of Injuries

A variety of serious injuries can result from construction accidents stemming from unsuitable working conditions. Some common unsafe working conditions claims include, contact with poisonous and toxic chemicals, negligent use of heavy machinery, and poorly constructed scaffolding, poorly lit areas, insufficient or non-existent ventilation, and exposure to harmful chemicals, and violations of OSHA regulations.

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At the Abronson Law Offices, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients injured in construction accidents. These vary from simple fractures to catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries with paralysis, brain injuries, amputations, severe burns, and wrongful deaths.

Our offices are located in San Jose, California, and we represent individuals in Santa Clara County and throughout the Bay Area. Every client of Abronson Law receives one-one-one personal attention in our client-centered law firm. We answer emails, return phone calls, give you regular updates of the progress of your case, and involve you in the decision making process every step of the way.

Many people who are injured in construction site accidents worry that they can’t afford a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer. Put that concern aside because we accept injury cases on a contingency fee basis. You get the legal help you need and pay no attorneys fees unless we win money for you, and then our fee is a percentage of your recovery.

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