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“I’d like to thank you and Louis very much for helping me with the settlement. It is a huge relief to have it done and remarkably quickly. You both were superbly professional and thorough. I felt very comfortable talking with you. Best wishes to you both.”Brian B.

“I lucked out by being referred to Louis Abronson and his wonderful staff after I fled from Owen Singer who was abrupt, dismissive, stubborn and downright rude.

My case was rock solid. I was the victim of a broadside collision by a red light runner in June 2015. She totaled both of our vehicles and rolled directly past Los Gato’s finest as she did it. You would think I had an open and shut case right?

Well her (I should say her mother’s) insurance company was State Farm and a lot of attorneys Initially didn’t want to fight State Farm. Go figure? Louis got the first 100K out of them without having to file a lawsuit and since we got the maximum award from them we could now proceed for the additional damages from my underinsured claim against Geico.

Geico proved to be a harder nut to crack. They used every ploy in the book to put off making a decent offer and getting the case settled in a timely manner. Louis and his team put together an impressive letter of demand based on my accident journal, medical issues, permanent loss of my job, pain and suffering, etc.. and reduced capacity to fish. Yep, I said fish! My main “hobby” is big game saltwater fishing and as a prominent and well-respected female angler opposing counsel tried to portray me as just an average “aging” (I was 56 at the time of the accident) woman who was probably getting arthritis from my previous history of rotator cuff and ACL surgeries. Seriously I’m glad I wasn’t born a horse or I’d have been shot a long time ago.

Well after almost giving up on having a mediation we managed to get a date on calendar and after a few hours of Louis wrangling offers that started at 25K and ended at 150K. I was very pleased to have a happy ending.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Louis waltzed me through a two-part deposition and also was there when they wanted to depose my husband as well. He also got them to conduct these sessions closer to my home instead of having to travel to Walnut Creek.

Opposing council wanted to have a doctor look at me in Oakland and Louis got them to find someone in San Jose.

I documented the hell out of my lost wages as I was self-employed returning lost luggage for the airlines prior to my accident. (Yeah, a petite 56-year-old woman who could heft 70-pound luggage bags!) Louis had every detail I provided to the nth degree to fight back.

Louis was able to expedite my final settlement check to cash-in-hand in just under 7 business days!

Louis and his staff are genuine, down-to-earth people who fought beside me, let me vent when Geico made me want to strangle someone, kept me entertained during lulls and got me an overall award of 250K!”Beverly S.

“Highly recommend.”Leslie Z.
“Louis Abronson treated me right. He went to bat for me on fronts I didn’t even know existed. I’d say Go for It. As well as overseeing your case, you also get a case manager to look into the details. I’m very satisfied in how he managed my case.”Imre R.
“Highly recommended.”Jaleh S.
“I was referred to Abronson Law Offices for a car accident where the other driver rear ended me and then denied fault. They were able to secure a compensation from the other party and were very flexible with my busy schedule. Thanks to their friendly and helpful legal team, specifically Sarah.”Kathryn B.

“Louis Abronson has been going above and beyond for me since day 1. After getting injured while driving for work, the last thing I wanted to be dealing with is insurance companies, lawyers and bill collectors ( hospitals, ambulance, …). Louis took all of this off of my plate, allowing me to fully recover stress free. When it came down to fighting my case, he never showed any signs of worry or stress. He always had a game plan, even when things were being stacked against us. The paralegal assigned to my case, Jenna, was always there to answer any questions or concerns I had during the process promptly, as this is usually a pretty foreign process to most of us. Never felt forgotten or ignored, choosing Louis Abronson as my lawyer was the best decision I could have made, especially coming from someone who second guesses every decision they make, like me. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for an injury lawyer and will personally recommend him to any friends or family in the same situation.”

Perc T.

“Five Stars+ for attorney Louis Abronson and paralegal Jill Levy and their legal team! They persevered through the ups and down of my claim for over a year, and just won a very good settlement on my behalf. I’m so grateful, thank you, Louis, Jill, and staff! I’ll now be able to get the rest of the medical treatment I desperately need, and also have a bit of financial insurance as back-up for future treatments. I was injured in a rear-ending car accident, had spinal surgery, and things got a bit complicated, but Louis and Jill pulled me through, going above and beyond for me. They are both great listeners, compassionate, honest, hard-working, and friendly. Jill is an amazingly detail-oriented paralegal and will hold your hand through deposition questionnaires and independent medical examinations. Louis is a bull-terrier with insurance adjusters, opposing counsel, hospitals, and mediators, backing up his client 100%; he will fight for you for sure! He settled my claim but was prepared to take it to trial if that’s what I had wanted; I have no doubt he would have been successful. Their office is located in downtown San Jose, and both Louis and Jill respond to emails seemingly around the clock, so don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation if you have a legal matter you’re wondering about…you’ll be in the best of hands!”

Katarina K.

“These folks are “the Best” I was in an accident where I was rear ended and it severely injured my back. From the beginning, Lewis and his staff were extremely involved and genuinely concerned for me. Jill Levy his paralegal was so diligent with the paperwork and Always available to answer any questions as I came up with them. They worked together with my team of doctors to be sure I was getting the treatment I so badly needed. When it came time for action Lewis of Abronson was outstanding. He took right over and laid down the law. He negotiated with the hospitals, doctors and other medical support to reduce their charges. He was very aggressive with the opposing parties attorneys and never backed down. The end result was I received far more in my settlement than I had expected. Thanks to Abronson Law Firm I am extremely confident I will have enough settlement money to be sure I will be able to get the care I will need with my future medical needs. I will absolutely refer (already have) Abronson Law Firm to Anyone who needs legal assistance. Thank You Abronson Staff !”

James G.

“After my husband was hit by a car while riding his bike to work, we seeked legal help from a law firm that told us our case was not worth it. Mind you this was after their investigator did a check. Not thorough. On a friend’s advice, I contacted Louis. From day one he was friendly, concerned, and willing to help. We are happy to say that Louis got us awarded a very nice claim. All this in less than six months. I would definitely recommend Louis.”

Maria Z.

“Abronson was an extremely responsive, honest and concise lawyer. We had a personal injury claim and they helped us to get the case settled more quickly than I ever hoped and even got our claim filed the same day which was a necessity in our case. Wonderful experience! we will use them again.”

R. V.

“For various reasons, I was looking to replace my lawyer for a case that I had filed. I was referred to Louis who had been highly recommended to me by another lawyer. He did an absolutely fantastic job. Why? First, Louis was incredibly quick at picking up the salient points, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of my case, and coming up with a successful negotiating strategy to mitigate the mistakes that had been made by the other attorney. Second, he offered me payment options for me to choose from and suggested an option that would be more cost effective for me (i.e. less money in his pocket.) I decided to go with his suggestion and he was *absolutely* right it did turn out to be the FAR cheaper option for me. Third, he made sure that he understood my objectives and then successfully accomplished them even though that meant far less money for him. For example, my case was well on its way to going to trial. He is a trial lawyer, so you’d think that presenting the opportunity to work on a trial would be like presenting a dog with a juicy, meaty bone. However, I wanted to come to a mutually acceptable settlement. He did that extremely quickly and with a result that I was very satisfied with, given the circumstances. Fourth, he did a great job managing my expectations. He told me why/what/how he would do each step and he delivered on what he said he would do. And he did all of the above even though the subject matter of my case was not even close to his area of expertise. Having done a lot of research on attorneys by the time I met Louis, I’d say that his rates are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. He is definitely the “best bang for your buck”, though. I can’t recommend Louis Abronson highly enough.”

May H.

“If I would have known about Louis Abronson, Esquire, close to three years ago when this nightmare of a civil case was first brought against me, it would have already been settled over two years by now. I cannot say Thank You enough to this attorney for all his impressive knowledge of the law and the admirable legal work he did on my behalf. I am still in awe of Louis Abronson’s intelligence and special abilities. Everything Mr. Abronson said he thought he could accomplish for me, he did. Because of Mr. Abronson’s extensive knowledge of the law and the impeccable motions he submitted on my behalf, not once did he fall short of winning a favorable outcome for me in court. Mr. Abronson took an extremely burdensome, drawn out and complicated case with major negative aspects to me and in a short matter of months literally performed a miracle. Faced with nine (9) causes of action I had been charged with in this case which included both intentional & negligent infliction of emotional distress, other attorneys I had gone to see all declined wanting to represent me except Louis Abronson. He whole heartedly took on this unfavorable case with odds clearly stacked against me, turned everything around and achieved what most believed impossible, he won my case! After searching unsuccessfully for years, I have finally found an attorney that truly cares about others and the outcome of a client’s case. I truthfully can say that Louis Abronson is a knight in shining armor replete with the highest of morals in honesty, integrity, compassion, and diligence to not just his clients but opposing litigants as well. At the end of this case, even the opposing attorney was somewhat in awe of his legal acuity and even admitted in court that Mr. Abronson was an extremely good attorney. I have referred other people to Mr. Abronson who are equally impressed with his legal expertise & capabilities. Louis Abronson is a genuinely nice person all around and the cream of the crop in attorneys, the best of the best. I cannot thank him enough for the difference he has made in my life. I would not hesitate in referring close friends and family to him for legal matters because as far as I am concerned, you can’t get an attorney that’s better in his field than Louis Abronson.”


“Louis took my case when other lawyers would not. He is down to earth, compassionate, honest, and knows the law inside and out. I had lost all hope until Louis agreed to take my case. It was a long uphill battle but Louis forged ahead, never giving up the fight. His staff is professional, dedicated and knowledgeable. He is a life saver. There are no words that adequately convey the gratitude I feel. Saying thank you isn’t enough! He changed my life. I would recommend him to any and everyone. Thank you Louis-you’re the best!”


“Mr. Abronson and his staff handled my case with much care and consideration. Overall, I was genuinely satisfied with the results and sincerely recommend his services.”


“I had the pleasure of working with Louis on a number of personal injury, and business cases. I have also asked Louis to help with my employer’s legal needs. Louis has always been diligent, precise, and willing to think creatively to meet his clients’ particular needs. He is very results oriented and always takes great care to protect his client’s financial interests.”