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Car Accidents – Law to the rescue!

  • Published: February 16, 2010

Accidents are tricky, nasty, and detrimental, not only to the physical health of the person but also to the emotional and financial health of the victim. Accidents are preventable but what happened after you, or someone you love, gets involved in a car accident, is inevitable… Physical injuries are not the only thing that is caused during an accident, material loss is there too. Financial loss is inevitable too, not to mention the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) you may suffer or the emotional distress the accident may cause. All of this happens with a flash, a death game of mere seconds. After seeking medical help, legal help is all that you will need to steer your case to success. This is where law comes to the rescue!

Now, let us analyze a simple situation where you are in San Jose and you get injured in a car accident. After seeking help, you hire a San Jose accident attorney, now what an attorney who is a specialist in accident cases will do, is to analyze and direct your case in such a way that you get fairly compensated and no low-ball settlement is reached with either the liable party or the insurance company. What happens beyond the physical injury is where the law comes in. An accident case is a personal injury case where your lawyer will not only get you monetary compensation for your material loss and medical bills but will also help you get compensated in several other things through proper and expert evaluations. These things are:

  1. Compensation of future loss on income in case of sustained injury.
  2. Compensation in case of permanent damage to any vital organ or another organ may hinder in everyday life and may cost an economic loss where you might require long-term care.
  3. An accident attorney will hire experts and investigators if need be, for evaluation of losses and collection of evidence to strengthen the case.
  4. Compensation of non-economic losses will be demanded any sort of emotional distress. This may be extended to payments for the costs of the rehabilitation center if the victim needs it.
  5. A lawyer will directly talk to your medical expert is needed to ensure that the severities of your injuries are directly discussed when the negotiations are being made.
  6. Insurance companies are known for their tricky methods to avoid compensations. A lawyer will not only represent you in your case but will also ensure that the insurance company is not tricking you into a “no-fault insurance” case, because in an accident there is also one party or the other who may be at fault. So, one should always consult his lawyer before talking to the insurance companies.
  7. Material Repair or replacement of anything that was damaged during an accident will also be maintained.
  8. Your attorney will go through your case thoroughly and will ensure that every query is answered and will also enlighten you with your rights in this matter.
  9. An accident attorney will make sure that all the relevant information is on file and that includes pictures, statements of witnesses, and medical & Police reports.

After analyzing these situations, your lawyer will reach a conclusion which may be a Formal Court settlement or an informal, out-of-court settlement. An out-of-court settlement can branch other means of settlements which may be through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.

So, the best thing the aggrieved party can do is to contact a professional who has expertise in accident cases to ensure full compensation of damages, fair trial, and settlement of disputes between both parties.