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Equipment in the Middle of the Road Results in Wrongful Death

  • Published: December 21, 2012

When logging equipment becomes dislodged from the truck on which it is being carried, things can get dangerous.

A recent accident involved forklift equipment that landed directly in the path of another vehicle when it fell off the logging truck. As this happened, forty-two-year-old Kyle Brown careened into the forklift and sustained fatal injuries. Apparently, one of the tires on the logging truck struck the guardrail of the bridge and caused the logging equipment on the trailer to fall off right in front of Mr. Brown’s BMW-SUV. Brown ran head-on into the over-sized forklift equipment.

The truck driver received a ticket at the scene for improper lane use, since he strayed from his lane and hit the guardrail. However, its now assumed that the combination of the truck and its load were actually too wide to fit on the bridge itself.

Answers will be provided in time after a more in-depth investigation has been performed. Families in this sort of situation oftentimes find themselves going through shock as well as tremendous financial challenges. Both a funeral and a burial have to be arranged. Death is one of the most difficult things to have to endure, emotionally as well as financially.

The family may question if its appropriate to ask for the help of a wrongful death attorney in this type of situation. Attorneys who focus on wrongful death cases can often help families attain better settlements than they might obtain directly from an insurance company. In addition, attorneys can handle the legal details that merely add to a grieving family’s burden. They may be entitled to medical expenses; mortgage payments; funeral and burial costs; economic damages for the financial contributions the decedent might have made to the family – and various other compensation for damages that may allude the family if an attorney is not called in to help.

If you are faced with a similar challenge as the Brown family, please call us today for a free consultation.