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Man Survives Brutal Trucking Accident

  • Published: December 22, 2012

A man in a Silverado was waiting for a traffic light to turn green. Suddenly, a part on a nearby semi trailer came loose and ran into his vehicle, trapping the man in the truck. EMS crews had to lift the trailer from the Silverado; it took about 90 minutes to get the man out of the vehicle.

The gentleman was 60 years old; he was taken to a hospital and was diagnosed with nerve damage to the right arm and wrist, a fractured wrist bone, a broken neck and was leaking spinal fluid.

In a personal injury lawsuit filed by the driver, reckless driving was stated as the reason the truck driver (representing his company) caused the accident. The investigation revealed that the trailer’s rear brakes were not only mismatched but also improperly adjusted, which accounts for the trailer coming loose and hitting the vehicle. Approximately one year later, the case settled for $1.4 million out of court and the driver was dismissed from his job.

Accidents involving trucks are different from car accidents. Many people have either been involved in or been witness to a regular car accident. Generally speaking, truck accidents end in injuries that are life-altering or even fatal. In the described incident, the trucker was cited for several offenses, including making an improper turn, careless driving, and mechanical negligence.

Although this accident is somewhat unusual, the fact of the matter is that it’s not acceptable for a trailer to fall over and smash another vehicle. If you are injured in an accident, our accident lawyers at Abronson Law Offices are connected to a team of experts that may be able to recover financial and other damages for your injuries. Call my office today for a free consultation.