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Personal Injury Case a Result of a Retirement Home Accident

  • Published: December 23, 2012

The document production request of the plaintiff was responded to by one of the three defendants in the personal injury case in Madison County.

Judith Simmons is the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit claiming that she stepped through a door and fell into a 4′ deep hole injuring both her legs at a retirement home in Madison County, IA.

The charges were brought against three defendants, including Maul Excavating, Kane Mechanical and Faith Countryside Homes.

The plaintiff states that proper precautions were not taken and that warnings regarding the hazard that they had created should have been posted. Complaints include that they failed to block the entry door — or to give any indication that a hazard was present. As a result, she suffered permanent pain, mental anguish, disability and disfigurement. In addition, her injuries are now preventing her from performing at work resulting in a loss of past, present, and future wages. She is also liable for a large amount of money due to hospital and medical expenses; Simmons is asking for $75,000.

According to the three defendants, Simmons should have been careful of the trench and hole and believe that her injuries are her own fault.

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