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Birth Injuries Lawyer San Jose

Welcoming a new baby into the world should be a joyous event. For some families, however, that joy turns to sorrow when the family discovers that their child has been injured by an error by the doctor or delivery room staff and may face a lifetime struggle to overcome a disability.

Children Injured at Birth Deserve Compensation

One area of medicine where juries are not reluctant to make substantial awards is where physician negligence at birth has cost a baby the chance of a normal life. This does not mean, however, that these are easy cases to prove. On the contrary, they are difficult and complex, requiring an experienced medical malpractice attorney who, in addition to having a detailed knowledge of California malpractice law, understands the practice of obstetrics, including medical terminology, procedures, and the culture of the medical community.

At Abronson Law Offices, we have extensive experience litigating complex medical malpractice cases, with access to well respected physicians available to review medical records and render professional opinions as to where the doctor who caused your baby’s injury deviated from the expected standards of care, including prenatal care, delivery room procedures, and postnatal care.

Errors that Cause Birth Injuries

Common medical errors include failing to monitor the baby during labor, failing to recognize a herpes infection and allowing a vaginal delivery, allowing labor to continue too long after the membranes have ruptured, delay in performing a cesarean section when the baby is in distress, improper use of forceps or vacuum extraction, and failing to treat jaundice in a timely manner, among others.

These lapses in proper care can result in cerebral palsy and other types of brain damage; broken bones; nerve damage, including Erb’s palsy and facial paralysis; bruising, swelling, or lacerations of the head; or cephalohematoma, a pooling of blood under the tissues that cover the skull.

These are only a few of the more frequent medical errors we see that harm newborns.

Damages from Birth Injuries

Children born with severe birth injuries may require multiple surgeries, years of physical and occupational therapy, special education, braces, wheelchairs, and other assistive devices, and constant care. Every parent wants to be able to provide their child with the means to live, grow, and learn, and have a meaningful and productive life. So it’s important that your child receives a settlement or verdict that will allow the treatment, aids, and services that can make this a possibility.

At Abronson Law, we fight tirelessly for every one of our clients, but hold a special place in our hearts for children who’ve become the innocent victims of a careless, negligent, or incompetent doctor or other health professional and through no fault of their own must start out life with a strike against them.

To speak with a powerful advocate for your child’s future, call to schedule an appointment with Abronson Law Offices. We represent children throughout Santa Clara County and the entire Bay Area.

You don’t have to be rich to hire the best lawyer for your child. We take cases on contingency; you pay no attorneys fees unless and until we win.

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