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Cellphone Use is not the Only Reason for Driving Distracted

  • Published: December 24, 2012

Driving while distracted is a major issue today with the abundance of devices being used by people while they drive. One simply cannot text, talk on a cell phone, eat, drink, shave or change clothing and try to drive successfully at the same time.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, this type of behavior can typically be seen during the morning commute on highway 101, 280 or 85.

While cell phone use is the leading cause of fatal accidents, there is also texting while driving, eating, drinking, talking to other passengers, watching the scenery, programming a GPS system, picking things up off the floor, changing discs in the mp3 player and so on. When distracted driving is the cause, it is an issue that calls for changing driver behavior and perceptions; the perception that it is alright to do anything more than focusing on the road.

Anyone finding themselves involved in an accident where the other driver was driving while distracted has the right to contact a qualified personal injury lawyer to inquire about what legal options are open to them. If they were injured, they may be able to seek compensation for those injuries, including medical bills, lost wages and other financial as well as personal hardships that resulted from the accident.