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Abronson Law Offices Highlights Important Steps to Take During Winter Driving

  • Published: December 24, 2012

Although this has been a dry winter, we will likely still see some rain — as well as ice and snow in the mountains — during February and early March. Drivers should take proper precautions in order to keep their own and others’ vehicles safe. To do so, it’s crucial also to keep abreast of changing updates as conditions get worse during the course of a day.

When traveling this winter in less-than-favorable conditions, be sure to get plenty of rest before setting out. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and that your windshield wipers have recently been replaced.

In addition, for those that frequently drive over windy roads, keep in mind that bridges that aren’t exposed to the sun because they are blocked by redwood or other types of trees can get very slippery in the rain.

Be sure to allow extra time to drive to your destination, and pay close attention when doing things like accelerating, turning, and braking. Fast driving and quickly changing lanes can make driving especially dangerous during the winter. Remember that serious and even fatal accidents can occur when you’re not careful in a winter storm.