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Helpful Guide if You Have Suffered a Serious Joint Injury

  • Published: August 7, 2013

Commentary About Joint Injuries

The human body is a miraculous thing. A fetus has over 300 bones in its skeletal system, and yet by the time a human being is an adult, bones meld together and we end up with 206 bones. I know you’re as glad as I am that we have these bones to help us sit and stand and literally live.

And the joints that help us move these bones around are ingeniously designed. These places where bones meet keep our entire bodies together and give us the ability to bend in different ways. We have hinge, ball and socket, gliding, and pivot joints that all work together to provide what is normal living and movement for us.

Hinge joints open like doors, in one direction, along the same plane. Ball and socket joints are comprised of a ball ending and socket that fit to one another, with the ball rotating in the socket. Gliding joints are those where the bones have flat surfaces and glide against one another and pivot joints offer rotation in limited movements.

I usually take my joints for granted, as most of us do, because they’ve always been there, doing their jobs. But the time we usually pay attention to our joints is when we suffer a serious joint injury. Not only are these injuries painful, but the recovery can take up to years and the joints still may never heal completely.

Below are four types of joint injuries:

  • strains
  • sprains
  • cartilage tears
  • dislocations.

Strain injuries occur when the tendons that are attached to the bones and the muscles are overstretched.

Sprain injuries happen when the ligaments in a joint are overstretched.

Cartilage tears occur when the cushion (cartilage) between joints to keep them lubricated is damaged.

Dislocations may be the most painful of serious joint injuries. This injury happens when joints are forced outside their normal positions. You can usually see a dislocation, and the bones will have to be placed back into position.

When you experience any of these serious joint injuries, you should seek medical attention immediately to prevent further damage to your joints. And if you suffered a serious joint injury due to negligence or carelessness from another party or entity, you should also call me, to discuss your legal options and potential compensation. I have years of experience in representing serious joint injury lawsuits and do everything I possibly can to help my clients win their case.

With your health and welfare in mind,

Attorney Louis S. Abronson