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Helpful Tips To Help Prevent Burn Injury Accidents

  • Published: July 13, 2013

Don’t Get Burned by Avoidable Burn Accidents

Many accidents that happen to us can be avoidable to some extent. When these things happen, it’s usually due to our being inattentive or circumstances that are beyond our control and due to someone else’s mistakes. One type of accident that can not only result in devastating, lifelong injuries and recovery, but can also be avoided, is burn injuries.

According to the American Burn Association, there are almost half a million burn injury accidents that require medical attention each year. Of this number, 40,000 are hospitalized as a result of the burns. Additionally, almost 3,500 fatalities occur from burn injury accidents.

If you’ve ever experienced a burn injury, you know it hurts pretty badly. Depending on the severity of the burn, the level of pain and the amount of time it takes to recover will vary. There are various types of burn injuries:

  • Burns from chemicals—resulting from contact with chemicals
  • Electrical burns—when coming into contact with electrical items, such as outlets or lightning
  • Burns from radiation—sun rays, tanning booths, chemotherapy
  • Friction caused burns—burns caused by friction of the skin against another surface, such as gravel on the road or the carpet
  • Burns from freezing—from subjecting the body to extremely cold conditions or making contact with an item that is beyond the point of freezing
  • Heat burns, from fire or hot substances—occurs from fire, steam, hair styling instruments, the stove

Burns are rated by the degree of severity, with four levels:

  • First degree, least severe, on the first layer of the skin
  • Second degree, may blister, goes through the first layer of skin and partially to the second layer
  • Third degree, severe, all skin layers affected
  • Fourth degree, beyond all skin layers to where bone and muscles are also damaged

No one wants to experience the excruciating pain of burn injuries and we all want to keep our families safe from them, as well.

Five things you can do to help prevent burn injury accidents:

  1. Adjust the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees or less
  2. Make sure your smoke detectors in your home always work, and test regularly
  3. Supervise small children around fire and heated objects
  4. Install automatic sprinkler systems in your home
  5. If you or guests in your home smoke, make sure all cigarettes are complete extinguished and disposed of properly.

If you or someone you love is the victim of a burn injury due to negligence or carelessness, I sympathize with you and understand that you will need medical treatment and money to pay your bills. Let me put my years of proven experience to use to help you get what you deserve. Here at Abronson Law Offices, we work on a contingency, so you will not pay a penny unless we recover fees for your case so please contact my office today.

Helping to keep your family safe,

Attorney Louis Abronson

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