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Two Men Seriously Hurt in Semi-Trailer Truck Crash

  • Published: December 27, 2012

Recent news reports told of a terrible accident involving two semi-trailer trucks and a red Acura. The car was hit and then run over; the driver and the passenger in the Acura were seriously injured.

The police report indicates that the Acura and both of the semi-trailer trucks were traveling north when the driver of the Acura decided to change lanes. Upon changing lanes, the Acura clipped one truck and spun out of control into the lane of the second truck, which ran over the Acura.

While the two male passengers sustained serious injuries, the drivers of the two semis escaped unscathed.

A police report stated that the Acura had been cut in two parts, which resulted in the ejection of one passenger and the entrapment of the other in the wreckage of the car. The driver and the passenger were transported and treated at a local hospital.

Proving who was at fault in a car accident demands a complete understanding of motor vehicle laws, engineering principles, accident reconstruction and a dedication to uncovering all of the important facts surrounding a crash.

In many instances, the reasoning is obvious. But in other cases, its necessary for a California personal injury attorney to dissect the events of the accident and employ advocacy tactics to realize the best possible result.

Any accident similar to the case just described requires the right attorney with the proper amount of training and experience to handle a California personal injury claim. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where fault in an accident is unclear, Abronson Law Offices can help. We have experienced attorneys that look out for clients’ best interests and the best possible income after enduring a traumatic accident.